New Jersey Landlord - Tenant Lawyer

As Landlord / Tenant attorneys, our firm represents owners of both small and large New Jersey apartment buildings and complexes, management companies, condominium associations, co-operative owners, commercial / industrial park owners and tenants. We provide legal advice and assist our clients in the following matters:
  • Preparation and negotiation of residential and commercial leases, policies, and rules and regulations
  • Filing of Complaints for eviction based upon non-payment of rent and other legal grounds
  • Prepare and serve eviction Notices to Cease and Notices to Quit
  • Issue Executions on Warrants of Removal
  • Providing legal advice and handling Rent Control issues and hearings
  • Providing advice to property managers regarding tenancy issues
  • Rent and security deposit disputes
  • Collection of Lost Rent, Late Fees, and Legal Fees
Landlords and tenants face many issues after entering a real estate rental agreement. Legal advice is often required during negotiation of the lease, during the tenant’s occupancy, and at the time of termination of the lease agreement. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, our firm provides valuable advice and acts quickly to protect your rights. At the Law Offices of Andrew J. Naideck, LLC, we have extensive experience representing parties to both residental and commercial lease agreements.

We also provide legal advice to individuals or companies that participate in the Section 8 rental subsidy program, and handle legal matters related to the administration of the Section 8 voucher program. Our legal services include complex tenancy matters involving bankruptcies, Section 8, and evictions for criminal activity.

All tenancy related filings by our office are handled promptly and in compliance with New Jersey Statutes and Court Rules. We are often able to negotiate a prompt settlement of tenancy matters saving our clients time and expenses.

Feel free to contact our firm regarding your residential or commercial landlord / tenant matters.